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Bonus Points

Join the world of bonus points!

All your purchases will be rewarded with your "Bonus Points" card. For any product purchased from Skin, your card will be assigned points with a value accessible on the Skin website next to each product. Each bonus point will be converted on use into 1 RON, therefore, the more points you accumulate, the more products you will be able to request free of charge!

Use the "Bonus Points" card

You do not need to produce your "Bonus Points" card when making a purchase from Skin. All you need to use is your user ID on the SKIN card to authenticate and become authorized to make online purchases on www.skin.ro. When you obtain your password on the Skin website, you can log in anytime and make orders that you will receive in the shortest possible time.

Use the "Bonus Points"

Bonus points reset at the end of the quarter. Thus, at the end of March, June, September and December you must use the accumulated Bonus Points in order to request free products. If you do not have sufficient points to your account for the desired product, you can pay for the difference!